Cast Down Series

The following is a brief excerpt from Cast Down. The series of three books (one available now, two coming soon) are companion novels that will not need to be read in any particular order to be enjoyed, although they are related with several characters making "crossover" appearances in each.-----         Branches scratched lightly at the … Continue reading Cast Down Series

Writers – Life in an Alternate Reality

Are you a writer? Is your daily reality a little... different? The other day my husband said to me that he noticed a home in our community looked abandoned. He takes our dog for a walk all around the park early every morning and he hadn't lately seen any cars there or activity. I started … Continue reading Writers – Life in an Alternate Reality

The Master Counterfeiter

We've all heard the expression, "Know your enemy". The Enemy is Satan. How well do we, as Christians know him, really? For every good and perfect thing that God gives us, Satan is right there to offer us a counterfeit, at a bargain basement price. Let's take a look at some of the most popular counterfeits he's … Continue reading The Master Counterfeiter

It Ain’t Winnie the Pooh!

The next time you rent a home, I'd just like you to do something. It'll take just a few minutes, I promise. Walk into the empty home. Take out your camera or phone and take some pictures of the empty home. Smell the empty home. Does it smell clean and fresh? Take off your shoes … Continue reading It Ain’t Winnie the Pooh!

Chapter 6 – Masks and Gloves are for Losers!

Some days I get to work from home. Those are the best days of all. I can get comfy on my couch with my computer and my phone. The phone is used for texting and emails only. I despise talking on the phone. Some days I'm in a neat, clean office. Well, okay, it's really … Continue reading Chapter 6 – Masks and Gloves are for Losers!

Novel Teaser – Fallen Angel

The following is a brief excerpt from one of my earlier novellas, Fallen Angel.   The morning was unseasonably warm for early spring. Too warm for this damn suit, the young man mused silently as he entered the air conditioned highrise downtown. Ahead of him walked his boss, Anthony Cappelli. The pair had been silent since … Continue reading Novel Teaser – Fallen Angel

The One Decision You Can’t Live to Regret

We make decisions all the time that we regret. The one decision no one gets a chance to regret is suicide. It seems like every day now we hear about someone taking their own life. It's reached epidemic proportions now among kids. Just last week two celebrities decided it was time to end their lives. … Continue reading The One Decision You Can’t Live to Regret